Lucky Tiger Account Validation

luckt tiger casino account validation

Before validating your account, first, you need to create one. Click the Sign-Up button in the top right corner and fill out the form. Three easy steps make up the form.  

  • Step 1: Create a unique username and password and use your email to activate it.  
  • Step 2: Give Lucky Tiger Casino your complete name, gender, and date of birth.  
  • Step 3: Enter your address, state, region, city, postal code, and phone number in that currency.   

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Presenting Lucky Tiger Casino Account Validation

Lucky Tiger Casino reserves the right to request identity verification papers before processing any deposits or withdrawals or if there is reason to believe a user has engaged in fraudulent behavior. Until the fraud investigation is finished, winnings on accounts being looked into for possible fraud may be suspended.

How to Validate Your Lucky Tiger Casino Account

After you create your account and decide to make your first deposit and withdrawal, you will get an email for your lucky tiger casino validation. The following information will be requested since your account needs to be verified.  

  • Identification with a photo (driver’s license, passport, national ID card).    
  • The bank card you intend to use at Lucky Tiger Casino. However, you must display the first six and last four digits.    
  • Proof of address (picture or copy of a recent three-month utility bill, bank statement, insurance policy, etc.)    

Players must complete at least one successful deposit to finish the verification procedure. Please be aware that the procedure typically takes two working days to complete.